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It is my belief that Tulsa family photography is an integral part of society. The enjoyment we gain from photography knows no age and seeks no approval. It surpasses cultures and languages with ease and presents itself in the rawest or most regal aspects of art. It is professional and it is amateur in nature, and it has been respected from its darkroom debut to its digital decadence.

I am in the business of preserving memories in their purest, most artistic form. My name is Jennifer Freeman, and I am in the business of photography. Jennuine Photography is a business that is built upon dreams. First and foremost, I am an English teacher but, as I crawled out of my comfort zone and into this journey of accomplishing entrepreneurship for myself and my family, I realized that Ralph Waldo Emerson had it right when he said, "Life is a journey, not a destination." This one, simple phrase is the essence behind my photographs. I want to help people capture their dreams and life's journeys in their photos. High school senior photos symbolize our first real accomplishment on our way into adulthood. An engagement session is not only hung on the wall or displayed on a Save-the-Date, but treasured as a moment of the richest love anyone could ever experience at any time in their relationship. The wedding day is not just a ceremony to join two people together, but a photographic opportunity to display and remember the insurmountable commitment two people are promising one another for the rest of their lives. I have experience capturing the passion as a Tulsa wedding photographer. These moments, and many others, are the reason I love photography, and it's my job to make those photos just as beautiful to look at as your remember while making them.

Jennuine Photography is a local, Tulsa business that specializes in on-location high school senior pictures in Tulsa, wedding and engagement photography, family photography, and more. As an up and coming small business, Jennuine Photography wants to offer you competitive rates without asking you to sacrifice quality. As a mother, wife, and teacher, I want you to feel confident in my business and comfortable with me as a person. It is my goal for you to not only get what you want out of your photo shoot, but for you to also love your photos so that you walk away with a Jennuine, overall experience...